Purchase Return Rules

Return within 7 ( seven)  days after you have received an order

In accordance with Article 26.1 (4) " Remote method of selling goods" of the Consumer Protection Act, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the goods at any time prior to their transfer and after the transfer within seven days, if the goods of appropriate quality are in their undamaged  package. If the goods were not in the use, its trade dress and consumer properties are kept you can return the goods and we will refund your money. We will make a refund within 13 days from the moment of receiving goods from you. Money transfer is made to the current account or card account. Making the return to "Pyaty Sezon" LLC , the customer undertakes expenses on shipping the goods.

During the period of transportation of goods to "Pyaty Sezon" LLC, the goods are in the zone of responsibility of the customer (the period of return of goods). Terms, method of delivery, insurance of goods is assumed by the customer. The goods received upon return, with traces of exploitation and pollution will be sent back to the customer without refund.

Return of the itemss made under the order

According to " Remote method of selling goods", approved by the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 27.09.2007 No. 612, the consumer has no right to refuse the items of proper quality with individually determined features, if the specified items can be used only by the consumer who purchases it. Items: made under the individual order, sizes, design, and having an individual combination of materials; modified at the request of the client, with special inscriptions put at the request of the client.

Return and Exchange of items

The items can be returned and exchanged only in case of a defect or an erroneously sent item. In accordance with Art. 484 and Art. 487 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Customer undertakes to accept the ordered item and pay its full cost. To make a return you have to fill in the Application form for return of items and send the scan or the photo of the Application for the info@shi-shi.ru mail. The buyer assumes the cost of expenses at return, except cases when the items are sent you with defects or by mistake. In this case we undertake all expenses on return.

Special refund policies

Discounts that were used at the time of order/application. Please take into account the special rules of refund if a conditional discount was used (discount for the minimum number of items in the order/application): in this case, when returning any goods / sewing service, the entire discount used in the order/application is deducted from its value, if without the returned goods / sewing service, the total cost of the order /application does not meet the conditions of the discount.

The minimum number of items in the order/application is this:
If you place an order/application for a product with a minimum price as a gift, and then return the product/application to us/refuse the sewing service so that the total number of order/application items falls below the required minimum amount for this discount, the conditions will not be met anymore. This may mean that the entire discount will be deducted from the refund amount, or that nothing will be returned.

Example of how a refund can be made on a conditional discounted order/application:
Three products have been paid for:
Skirt - 4000₽
T-shirt - 3000₽
Scarf - 2500₽, then according to the terms of the campaign 1+1=3, the scarf will be a gift (discount 2500₽) 
You return the T-shirt, the refund is calculated by the formula: 3000₽ (T-shirt price) - 2500₽ (discount granted) = 500₽ amount to be refunded.

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Making A Return

To return the items of good quality, and also the items with defects or sent to you by mistake you must complete the Application for the return of the goods and send a scan or photo of the Application in the mail info@shi-shi.ru.

Return is issued only if the application is available.

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